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A Love Letter

Dear Body~

On this Valentine’s Day, I want to tell you how much I love you. We have been through a lot together lately and I really appreciate how hard you have been working during this tough time. I know you are achy, cold, dry and tired. I know you have been gaining weight – it’s not your fault. This thyroid thing has hit us hard and I know you have been trying your best to deal it. You are amazing and I am in awe of how strong you are. Your strength inspires my spirit to try harder.

I need you to know how sorry I am that I have not appreciated you for most of the time we have been together. I have judged you, Body. You were never to blame, always there for me, carrying me through life. I criticized you when you were 120 pounds, 175 pounds and everything in between. I took you for granted during years of late nights and partying. I pushed you to your brink on countless adventures. I fed you junk, I starved you and I dragged you through one diet after another. I did all of this to you without even one tiny little bit of appreciation. Not one thank you.

Let’s put all of that in the past, Body. I promise you I will honor, appreciate and love you every day for the rest of our life. I will do every possible thing I can to give you what you need. You are strong, beautiful, graceful and wise and I will do my best every day to mirror those qualities back to you. Happy Valentine’s Day. I love you.

With Gratitude,

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  1. Jack

    I was totally touched by the love letter. You are so awesome, no wonder I lover you so much.

  2. Ava

    Thank you very much for making this blog. I really identify with your situation, got diagnosed hypo over 7 years ago and am struggling since. Weight is the biggest problem for me as I’m a very healthy eater and really loved my clothes which no longer fit! I’m trying to bring myself to pack them away but cant give up. Struggling at the acceptance stage! we share the exact same weight stats too which is really interesting, I hope you are feeling better on your current regime, do you take synthetic or dessicated thyroid supplements now? I’m trying to give the natural dessicated method a go as the synthetic has not helped my last symptom, inexplicable weight gain.

    1. Mikelle

      Hi Ava~ I apologize for taking so long to respond to your comment – I have been away for Thanksgiving. I hope yours was wonderful 🙂 About 4 months ago, I started working with a new doctor and have changed from using Sythroid/Cytomel to dessiccated thyroid (NatureThroid). I am feeling much better! I was actually being overdosed on the synthetics and was growing quite ill, feeling terrible and gaining weight quickly again. My doctor also discovered a heavy metal toxicity and mineral deficiency which was causing my thyroid function to basically be at a standstill. We also determined that the healthy diet that I thought was good for me was actually resulting in more problems, as my liver wasn’t getting enough protein to function properly. I will write about this experience and healing very soon in a blog post. Anyway, I know it is so hard to pack away those clothes! I really started to feel SO much better about the daily stress of the weight gain once I got the clothes that no longer fit outta my vision. I wrote about this experience here.

      Please let me know how the dessicated works for you! Sending you the most beautiful body-loving deeply healing thoughts possible.

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