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The Zen Thyroid Flight Plan

I am blessed not only with loving parents, but with the greatest in-laws anyone could ask for. My father-in-law is a brilliant man with extensive knowledge of medicine and the body. My mother-in-law is very special; she is the kind of person who can provide comfort and healing with her presence alone. It is so fortunate that I get to be with these people now, just when I need them. There’s just the little detail of getting to them…they live thousands of miles away. Time to develop the flight plan for the hypothyroid traveler. Foggy brain and failing memory has resulted in at least one positive thing – it has made me more organized. I have to be sure that I have things planned out these days to ensure a peaceful experience. So without further ado, here is the Zen Thyroid Flight Plan.

~I will leave myself plenty of time to pack since tasks take longer to do right now.
~I’ll triple check that I have my ID and am sure of my flight info since my memory can be…well, spotty.
~My vast array of prescriptions and supplements will be safely tucked into my carry on bag.

~To minimize the damaging effects of radiation on my thyroid, I will request a pat-down from security at the airport, rather than go through the x-ray scanner.
~I will take chlorella, a green algae that detoxes the body after radiation exposure. I consume chlorella often anyway for the incredible nutritional value but will increase my dosage the days around my flights.
~Since my immune system is so susceptible to illness, my little area of the plane will be sanitized before I get comfy.
~I will have both comfy socks in case I get cold and an eye mask so I can rest if I need.
~Large amounts of water will be consumed to help my already dry body stay hydrated.
~All of my food will be packed and non-liquid so it makes it though security. My plan is to have kale & quinoa, cut raw veggies and an apple. This will prevent me from being subjected to the processed sugary salty food in the airport and on the plane. I will arrive nourished instead of depleted.
~As my concentration is inconstant, I’ll have a variety of activities to choose from and my ipod will be loaded with music and guided meditations.

~I will be sure to get enough rest to balance the long day of traveling and the time change.
~Lots of water will be on the menu all week.
~Most importantly, I intend to be present and enjoy each precious day I have with my family.

Do you have a plan for travel? Please feel free to share your tips here!

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  1. Jack Gorman

    Once again you give excellent insight and comentary. It appears that you are dealing with this wonderfully and and inspiration to everyone who has is afflicted with any type of problem.

    Thank you so very much.

    1. Mikelle

      Thank you so much for reading! I really appreciate your comment. I’m really happy you enjoyed the quinoa – let us know how you prepared your feast 🙂

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