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Finding My Thyribe (a.k.a. Thyroid Tribe!)

Hello lovely readers and welcome to all who have recently discovered this little corner of the internet. I am grateful to have you here and want you to always feel welcome to share your story and any thoughts you have.

For those readers who have subscribed to receive new blog posts by email, please note that I have changed the format for how posts will be delivered. This new format is much prettier and does not require you to verify your subscription in a separate email. You are welcome to stick with the original (not as pretty) email feed or you can resubscribe on the site to get the new feed.

I have discovered many blessings throughout my healing journey. Connecting with other bloggers and continually being inspired by their own journey has been incredibly helpful for me. Each blogger has a unique voice and style and I love reading their perspective on life with thyroid.

Here are a few of those inspiring folks who blog about dealing with thyroid illness ~ my Thyribe:

*Liz Schau is a holistic health counselor who healed herself from Hashimoto’s disease. Her style is open, honest and I feel empowered after reading her articles. In addition to the great info on her site, she has written a number of articles on other websites, including this great piece about accepting the physical changes that come with thyroid disease.

*Kris at Kris InSight is a thyroid blogger who makes her readers feel like they are sitting on her porch in Minnesota with her. Her warm, rustic and informative style is something like Mother Earth News meets Thyroid Health. This is a post she recently wrote sharing her current health protocol, which I appreciated greatly.

*Carol at CrazyThyroidLady is a hilarious blogger who can actually make me laugh out loud when reading her take on thyroid disease. I love that she can find humor in this very unhumorous illness. Her posts are a treat to read.

*Jess at My Hypothyroid Roller Coaster Ride is a young blogger who is smart smart smart. I have learned so much from her posts. Her blog is new and I am looking forward to reading more.

*Armywifeandmom at Hashimoto’s!?! My Journey Getting Back To Me writes in the style of full disclosure. Reading her blog is like talking with a friend.

This is just a sample of the great thyroid sites. In addition to my Thyribe, I find so much inspiration from other places on the web as well. I look forward to sharing some of those sites with you in a future post.

What are some websites where YOU find inspiration and connection? Please share!

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  1. AutoImmune Girl

    Love the idea of thy-tribe. I guess in my thy-community one of my favorites is dearthyroid.org. Such a great place to know you are not alone in this crazy thyroid world and best part is that you can write uncensored letters to your thyroid, doctor… so empowering and great to hear what others have to say and so eloquently spoken by so many.
    AutoImmune Girl recently posted…Set Backs are Part of the JourneyMy Profile

  2. Jess S

    Aw wow, I’m honoured to be part of your Thyribe! Thanks for the mention; I’m glad my posts have been helpful. I enjoy reading your beautifully written thoughtful and honest posts! Thanks also for introducing me to bloggers I hadn’t come across. I love reading Sarah Downing’s blog – http://sarahjdowning.com/

    1. Mikelle

      Jess~ I love our community of thyroid/autoimmune bloggers! Such an amazing group of people with so much wisdom to share. I just signed up for Sarah Downing’s blog – thank you for letting me know about her 🙂

  3. Andrea

    I’m SUPER late. I’ve been so self consumed lately that I haven’t checked in on you. Your words always bring me peace for some reason. It’s like I’m fighting myself, doctors, everything and then I come here and for whatever reason, I find myself calming down and accepting things as they are.

    I am honored to be apart of your Thyribe. I love that word.

    1. Mikelle

      Andrea~ Thank you for your lovely comment. I am honored that you are in my Thyribe. We are all sending you love and healing wishes as you go through this crazy time. Your Thyribe is here for you 🙂

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