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Thyroid Time

Over the past several months, me and my thyroid sidekick have found ourselves in a new timezone. Not like Eastern Standard Time or Mountain Time or even hours consistently the same length of time. Our new timezone is Thyroid Time, where time is essentially…well, random. Thyroid Time has no sense of accuracy. In fact, things can take somewhat longer since the brain and the body move at a slower pace. We are like a couple of turtles, giving it our all, trying our best and still just not moving as fast as we are trying. I can tell my husband, “hey babe, we are on Thyroid Time today” and he will know to get comfy ’cause it might take a while.
Thyroid Time can also be unpleasant. For example, the waiting to see if this dose/combo of medicine will provide some improvement – unfun Thyroid Time, just like waiting for a test result or a doctor’s appointment. Those days that seem as if you may never feel better is like Thyroid Time standing still. While this is frustrating and may have caused a tear or two to drop, it also provides the opportunity to cultivate patience and see what there is to be learned in the journey. On any given day, it can be easier or harder to develop this outlook but I certainly know that the simple practice and awareness of it will make it easier to do over time.
On the other hand, Thyroid Time can be an asset, a beacon of hope that in Time, my thyroid will heal. Our bodies are in a state of homeostasis, meaning that we are always moving towards healing. Now that I am on the path to wellness, no matter what obstacles are in that path, my body is healing. However fast or slow, healing is happening. Time promises me that i will feel great again. Time keeps me going, even if it has to take my hand and drag me through each day. No matter how bad I might feel today, tomorrow I will be closer to recovery.

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  1. Jhenny

    I am not familiar with this thyroid time but as I read this one, I became more familiar with this.. Thanks for the great post!
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    1. Mikelle

      Thanks for stopping by Jhenny!

  2. Jess S

    Love this! There have been countless times I feel like I’m in a different zone when I’m all brain-fogged and can’t keep up with conversations or follow a film etc. Thyroid Time is a spacey, fluid, crazy timezone.

  3. Dave

    Sounds a bit like thyroid brain fog 🙂

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