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Celebrating Thyroid Awareness Week

May 21-27 is International Thyroid Awareness Week so I have decided to make it a Zen Thyroid blog party. It is a celebration after all – I am celebrating that some really great people decided four years ago to dedicate an entire week to educating the public on thyroid disease. Thyroid disease affects so many people and their loved ones yet ironically, there is very little discussion about it. In fact, Synthroid (T4) is the 4th most prescribed drug in the U.S. Symptoms of both hypo and hyperthyroidism are vast and can be quite challenging to link to a thyroid problem. Many people suffer for years as a result of not receiving proper treatment. As I have discussed before, thyroid illness is frequently a hidden disease.
OK, this is hardly sounding like a blog party, much less a celebration. It all had to be said. Now on to the festivities!
In honor of Thyroid Week, I will be posting a Recipe for a Healthy Thyroid – Fajitas starring Quinoa Tortillas! I will also share how I have coped with some of the symptoms of a low thyroid. On Friday at 5pm PST, there will be a live webinar on the Thyroid Sexy Facebook page (with a great doctor!)
My mantra this week is to bring focus and awareness to the practice of choosing to feel good. I am doing everything that I know to do to provide the most healing environment for my body and I feel calm and patient right now as I slowly heal. I accept it may take a long time. I can honor how hard my body is working to heal by supporting it with loving, positive thoughts and gentle attentiveness to challenges. Our thoughts are beyond powerful – they create our reality. My intention is to consciously create my own reality.
Sending love, gratitude and wishes for vibrant health to each one of my readers.

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