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Celebrating World Thyroid Day with TLC – Thyroid Loving Care!


Happy World Thyroid Day to all of us – the thyroid warriors and the caretakers. It is wonderful that there is a designated day devoted to awareness and understanding of this disease that affects so many of us. I wish for you a day of deep peace and healing.

I also hold that desire for myself. As I talked about in this post and this post, I have been undergoing a heavy metal chelation. I have just completed my sixth and final IV and have been retested. Hopefully I will not have to go through another round. It has been increasingly difficult with each week. I am achy, smelly, tired, grouchy, weepy, apathetic and my brain has completely fled the scene. Some days I need to inject a big dose of hopefulness and positivity into the situation and some days I have no choice but to give in to feeling terrible. Today is one of those hope and positivity days which is great because I like those a lot more. I do better with the good feelings than the other-than-good ones.

So let’s start with the bright side of this detox. All of these metals have been hiding out like bandits in my tissues, fat, bones, blood and organs (keep the faith, thyroid & brain!). Chelating means both extracting the metals from these precious spots in my body, as well as releasing them outta my system through the colon and kidneys. So while I must practice patience since this whole thing takes awhile, I can do everything in my power to support the efficiency and efficacy of this process. Once the metals are out of my system, MY THYROID WILL HAVE TREMENDOUS POWER. That thought alone is enough to keep me plugging along through this.

Back to today and the TLC plan. The most crucial part of this plan is to minimize stress as much as possible. Even the tiniest little stressors need to wait until tomorrow to make an appearance. Stress is the most toxic of all toxins on our thyroids. My day starts with a hair mask that I leave on while I enjoy a luxurious half hour meditation, followed by a few lines in my daily gratitude journal. The hair mask is a blend of coconut oil, olive oil, vitamin E and essential oils that are great for dry hair/scalp such as sandalwood, patchouli, lavender, rosemary and tea tree. In the shower, I will do a body scrub made from 2.5 parts sugar, 1 part olive oil and lemon essential oil for an uplifting scent. You could leave out the essential oil altogether or add whatever makes you feel good. Because feeling good is what it is all about today! Some essential oils are not meant to be applied directly onto the skin so do a bit of research just to be safe. The last thing we need on our TLC day is to harm ourselves in any way.

Obviously I coat my skin with my Super Amazing Healing Remedy for Dry Thyroidy Skin after the shower! Love this stuff!!! Total radical healing for my desperate skin.

My plan is to nourish my body today with only foods that support healing. Lots of protein is on the menu today – salmon, beans, eggs. Our livers rely on protein to function and we rely on our livers to process the toxins in our bodies. A fair trade-off. I plan on eating lots of greens and vegetables – spinach, kale, lettuce and cucumbers. Side note regarding the goitrogenic foods: I certainly cannot vilianize kale (and other foods) because it is goitrogenic (interferes with thyroid function). Kale is so nutritious and really makes me feel good. I just make sure that I cook it rather than eating it raw or juicing it. I will also enjoy a bit of dark, soy-free chocolate (check and double-check labels…NO SOY!). Finally, I will make a batch of quinoa cookies – recipe to come! Can’t wait to share it with you.

TLC activities today will probably be more of the “go with the flow” variety. Today is a beautiful day here so I will most likely sit in the sun and power charge my vitamin D resources. Vitamin D is actually a hormone and a vital part of our delicate endocrine systems. My thyroid wants vitamin D so vitamin D she shall get. I will definitely do yoga and go to the gym. Maybe a little cleaning around the house – if I feel like it. Maybe I will read a book – if I can focus on it. I have been learning about oxytocin lately so I will create as much as I can by hugging my man and snuggling with my dog…or vice versa…or both. Oxytocin is a hormone that counterbalances cortisol and is generated by touch and by practicing compassion. And lovely conscious rest, the best medicine for my thyroid.

I will also take some time today to set the intention of letting go that which I do not need. Any muckity muck and gobbely gook that is clogging up the spiritual works will be released. That which needs closure will be closed. Space in my soul will be made so that seeds of a new phase of healing and life can be planted.

From me and my thyroid to you and your thyroid: WE LOVE YOU. Happy World Thyroid Day and may we have the chance to practice TLC today and everyday. Please feel free to share in the comments how you practice TLC.

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  1. Mr Maag

    Happy world thyroid day, my love. Lots of hope your test comes back free and clear of those pesky metals.

  2. Elaine

    Your posts inspire me! No matter how much you are tested, you find a window to look out and open for fresh air. Because of your spirit and sheer will, you will emerge healthy and better able to face the world with energy and joy. You make the world a better place!

    1. Mikelle

      I would be lost in the dark without the two of you. Love you both more that I could possible ever express in words. Thank you for EVERYTHING (and that is a whole lot!)

  3. Andrea

    I have missed reading your blogs and what a treat to see in the newest one included meditation, which is something I desperately need to incorporate in my life. I hope you are well and thanks for the cookie recipes.


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