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10 Things About Me That Have Nothing To Do With My Thyroid

awesome chalk art on a bridge near Grand Teton National Park

awesome chalk art on a bridge near Grand Teton National Park

My thyroid thinks she is the star of the show. She just loves to be the center of attention and has been known to laugh right in my face when I try to tell her otherwise. But that is her and of course I have no choice but to accept her as she is because she isn’t going anywhere. Much to my thyroid’s dismay, this post has nothing to do with her…for once. This post is a bit about the rest of my life (it does actually exist) and written with the intent to share some things about myself.

1. I swear. A lot. Unapologetically.
2. I love to eat out of jars with tiny spoons.
3. I don’t smoke or drink (not like my thyroid would let me even if I wanted to) but harbor a powerful addiction to chocolate protein powder. And iced tea with extra lemon, thank you. Servers at restaurants hate me after my 3rd refill.
4. I followed the Grateful Dead for years and would most likely still be doing so today if that were an option.
5. I’m obsessed with football, reality TV and Jeopardy.
6. I still sleep with my childhood teddy bear and he travels with me wherever I go.
7. After years of faking it, I have finally embraced my true nature which is happily introverted. I feel much better now.
8. I talk to rocks and blow kisses at trees (no judging). I LOVE the forest!
9. I can’t sit on the inside of booths, standing in line gives me anxiety and I am afraid of skunks. I have actually been chased by a skunk and it is scary, not because of the smell but because they are totally aggressive with sharp claws and can be rather large. Not scared of snakes but skunks…yikes.
10. I once posed nude for a calendar for charity. Totally shattered the boundaries of my comfort zone!

I would really like to hear about YOU. I invite you to share anything that you want here in OUR space.

LOVE and WISDOM from around the web:
1. Four times a year, the amazing Deepak Chopra gives us 21 days of free guided meditations called a “Meditation Challenge”. Each challenge has a different theme. Past challenges have included Perfect Health (yeah!) and Creating Abundance. The next challenge is called Miraculous Relationships and begins on August 5. Register here.

2. I just read a beautiful, incredible, heartbreaking and inspiring book – The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay. It is the kind of story you just get lost in – I have been fully lost in this story for the past two weeks and just keep re-emerging myself in it.

3. Check out this open and genuine post about depression by Andrea who writes the blog Hashimoto’s!?! My Journey to Getting Back to Me. Her words brought tears.

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  1. Elaine

    Pushing down the power of the thyroid – I love it! Being your first friend, I can attest to the validity of your list. What I also know is that you are an amazingly kind and giving woman, full of life and contributing to making a better world. Brilliant but unassuming, beautiful inside and out. The list is true but only begins to explain the wonderful and complexity of you!

  2. Andrea

    Oh wow! I totally just broke down in a horrible mess of laughter and crying reading this post. I mostly laughed, but then I saw the link to my post and it just really makes me appreciative that there is someone out there that “gets it”. Thank you!

    I think I will do a post like this too! For the most part, we are a lot alike, although I have cut down on my swearing after having children. I live the most ignorant portions of my life ( I don’t really have any) through reality television. I am the sensitive fashion designer on Project Runway, though in real life I have no fashion sense. I am the ridiculously unapologetic and that stupid boss chick on those Vh1 reality shows and lastly, I am a master chef on Top Chef or the incredibly narcissistic, overindulgent, selfish housewife from the whole Bravo line up. I have a serious problem with reality shows and my husband just does not get it. Anywho, it was nice reading this and I like the new look of your site.


    1. Mikelle

      If I didn’t already adore you enough…now I know you watch reality TV too?!?! I love it šŸ™‚ Thanks for the compliment on the new site design. I just needed to change what I was looking at all the time and after playing around with the billions of free wordpress templates, I finally decided on this one. For now anyway. Love reading all about your 30-day diet. You really are so good to post so much info about the food and how you are feeling. Hugs to you, Andrea!

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