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Welcome to zen thyroid, a place to share ideas and notes on all things healing. The intention for this blog is to move towards rejuvenating the body and renewing the soul while recovering from low thyroid and adrenal fatigue. My path requires a complete acceptance of my health situation and an acute awareness of how I am feeling on a short-term and broader basis. My mantra for staying on this path is to move through each day with strength, grace and wisdom. While this is oftentimes easier said than done, this focus keeps me pointed in the right direction, allowing me to regain my footing when I slip.


I am a 38-year old woman who lives to hike with my husband and dog. I meditate and do yoga. I love trees and rocks and am completely dependent on sunshine. Without these things to keep me going, I would most likely be a puddle on the floor. After years of being misdiagnosed and developing a total distrust of the medical system, I tried desperately to heal myself through education, food and lifestyle changes. The longer I waited to get help, the deeper I fell. I had never felt so powerless. So now I have recently begun treatment for hypothyroidism. I have started this blog as a way to replace these powerless feelings.


I am grateful that my healing process has begun. Along with that has come a major shift in perspective. I am practicing patience, non-attachment and non-judgment with myself on a level I have never known. I have discovered what it means to be vulnerable and open and I realize that I have no other option but to surrender to the flow. These things have brought me to a new place where I am finding that it is so much easier to let go than to hold on too tight.


Thank you for stopping by zen thyroid and reading my story. I invite you to tell your story here as well. We are all full of wisdom from our unique experiences and I hope that you will always feel welcome to share what you have discovered with this community. There is so much to be learned from each other.

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  1. Colleen D

    Thank you for putting your heart and soul into this website and creating a safe haven for all of us with hypothyroidism. You have inspired me with your vulnerability and honesty.
    My diagnosis was received only 3 months ago at age 48. I had never been tested for the disease in the past, although the symptoms were apparent throughout my adolescence and adult life. Approxomitely 10 years ago, I was placed on anti-depressants for a year which had no affect on my overall health or attitude. My life has been a roller coaster ride filled with challenges, some successes and many failures. I was so relieved to hear the diagnosis and have begun my journey for a life of adjustment, acceptance and forgiveness.
    I am armed with a mountain of reading material, journals and recipes as I educate my family, friends, myself and my nurse practitioner about this disease. I have been known to be extremely independent, resilient, a fighter and survivor and am grateful for the opportunity to live my life with this new understanding.
    My TSH level was over 100 on October 3, 2012 and reduced to 9.9 by November 13th. I was placed on 0.1 mg of eltroxin. A recent blood test was taken and the medication has been increased to 0.125 of synthroid effective today. I did not receive the TSH level.
    My goal is to locate a better understanding and make all necessary lifestyle changes to lead a normal life.
    Thanks to everyone who provides information. It is reassuring to know I am not alone.
    Best wishes.


    1. Mikelle

      Colleen~ Thank you for sharing your story here. YOU have inspired me with YOUR honesty. I am beyond happy that you FINALLY have the right diagnosis and are on the way to feeling better! Hooray!! For each one of us that (finally) gets properly diagnosed, there are many who can (finally) become educated about this silent illness. Our community is growing and gaining so much awareness. Anyway, I sincerely hope that you will check in often here and let us know how you are feeling, what is working and what is not. Please think of this blog as your own. I also hope that you are able to obtain your TSH level from your doctor. Lots of love to you Colleen 🙂

  2. Teresa Moody

    I don’t have a web site but I do have a page on Facebook called ThyroidGeeks that you are welcome to check out. I will share a link to your story there. I started out with a Hashimoto’s diagnosis in 2008 (long story that I will share sometime when I get an energy spurt) then diagnosed with Lupus in December 2012. Always be aware that you could be prone to other autoimmune diseases since you have one. A good resource for that is Wishing you the best! Advocating for thyroid treatment…one person at a time. Teresa Moody

    1. Mikelle

      Teresa~ Great to meet you. Thank you for your comment and the great resources. I am looking forward to getting updates from your ThyroidGeeks FB page Also, will love to hear your story when you are up for sharing it! The autoimmune domino effect is crucial to be aware of. I have been reading about addressing the autoimmune issue with Hashimoto’s on Up until recently, I have focused my energy only on learning how to heal the thyroid so I feel like I have so much to learn! Anyway, thank you again for taking the time to write and for sharing my post. Wishing you the best too!!

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